What a remarkable achievement!

A surfer was eaten by a shark in Australia.

Rudy will soon be back.

Casper could've invited me.

I'm proud of my children.

Elbonia is a rogue state.

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At last, the Government are listening to the people.


Everybody speaks well of her.

It took me a while to understand what she was trying to say.

Every vote counts in an election.

Wearing glasses should correct your vision.

Berries are high in minerals such as potassium.

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She has an evident need of medical attention.


The store is closing at 7.

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We came all the way from Boston just for your birthday party.

I think I could be persuaded.

I'm twice your age.


I know your face.

Elliot is beginning to turn blue.

He woke up starving; but after getting outside a substantial breakfast, he felt splendid.

Oh! Is what you said true?

I was shocked at the sad news.

Glenn misjudged Vernon.

He was sent to a mental hospital.


Calina needs to go back to the doctor next week. And while I'm on the subject, don't forget to pick up her prescription on your way home from work.

That's the part I don't like.

Do you speak English fluently?

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Are you really the one who donated all that money?

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He wants a new car.

Mat and his dog sleep in the same room.

After all, Stefan was your father.

I think you'd be crazy not to go.

It shouldn't have happened.

"People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." -- Albert Einstein

I'm just a phone call away.


Interlingue is more beautiful and easier than Esperanto.

Her blood flowed over her chest.

Students bustled about all the night.

It's cool today.

They gave it back.

The leaves of the trees have turned red.

It was really good.

He found it difficult to please his father.

The letter was written in code.

That isn't my fault.

I never told them.


I'm learning Czech.


I was surprised at his success at all.

The precious results of democracy are the apple of the people's eye and the people will fight to maintain these ideals.

I didn't take it seriously.

Last year, I sat for the Level N3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test examination.

She's unbelievably stupid.

Sekar had to go downtown to do some shopping.

The criminal is sure to do time for robbing the store.

Rudolf pulled a white handkerchief out of his pocket.

I think Rainer is still in prison.

Let me talk to him alone.

Marian held Angela tight against his chest and whispered "I love you" into her hair.


I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!

Having finished it, he went to bed.

How ever did he succeed in making it?

I knew what was going to happen.

Please tell her it's urgent.

Kikki would like it.

I didn't sell Rusty my car.

His tone became more and more fervent.

Loukas may not be around much longer.

She cannot receive any power from me greater than she now has, which consists in her own purity and innocence of heart.

Charlene filed an access to information request.

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It wasn't a bad idea.

I won't sell this tree shade.

The little baby was born yesterday.

He knows how to talk to customers.

I heard you were looking for a lawyer.

This film is a comedy.

Hein knew he was right.


Elsa's family rarely eats together.

I had to shout in order to be heard.

I lied when she asked how old I was.

I arrived there too early.

I thought you went home.

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We're all angry.


The emergency phone number for all Europe is 112.

Izzy said he knew you.

Your flight was canceled.

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Could you please tell me the truth?

That meeting lasted a long time.

Do you have a piece of paper I can write on?

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It's getting cold out there.


They weren't strong enough to help us.

Did you do it by yourself?

Alain sacrificed his life to save his brother.


That politician comes from Arizona.

I'm methodical.

A card was attached to the gift.


I couldn't stop myself from laughing.


Before I go to sleep, I listen to music.

Cole is frightened and confused.

It doesn't matter how old you are.


No one is free from worldly cares.

Wherever I have my lunch box, I enjoy it.

Why did you want to come back here?

They have authority in Europe.

This is difficult to do.

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Both of us plan to be at your party.

Dan found Linda in bed with her lover.

I talked with him over the telephone yesterday.


I didn't enjoy doing that.

She wanted me to come.

The crowd laughed.

Some characters actually existed.

Are we being charged with something?

I have to put my shoes on.

Thank you for shopping.

Someone's meeting me here.

People tend to require strong stimuli.


The two races witnessed numerous revolutions during their time on the planet.

The tenor sang very well tonight.

Take us with you.

"Who is that girl?" "That's Keiko."

Leslie was the victim of an advance-fee fraud.

You never say what you really think.

Floppy disks became obsolete long ago, but I still have some, and I still use them.

Kanthan said I should talk to you.

I didn't know.

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Manuel is pretty persuasive.

Elaine left earlier this morning.

I don't have it with me.

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But I slept right through the class. Don't you ever sleep through an eight-thirty class?

I knew that guy wasn't one of us.

You didn't quit your job, did you?

Has anyone spoken to them?

Did you find that on the internet?


She couldn't imagine herself in the same job in ten years.

I'll get back to you, Barbara.

You had better not walk around in such a place.


He will not steal my money; I have faith in him.

I got along with everybody.

She dropped a bombshell on him.

Kirsten is getting ready for bed.

Everybody loves my cat.

Honzo is being very selfish.

Let's make it better.

Elwood is likely to come.

I'd be surprised if Nicolo taught me English.


The cat arched its back.

It doesn't seem like you will become a singer, but it never hurts to take a few voice lessons.

What do we have to do today?


In December of that year, a new Constitution was adopted.

Aimee and I live in the same house.

I'm delighted that it's all over.

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I hope this solves all your problems.

Do you work here?

Farouk wants to be really good.

It's been three years since we got married.

Ro unwrapped the gift carefully.

Don't support Bucky.

There is not one of us who does not want to help you.

Do you want me to watch Skef for you?

Even the sun popped out from behind the clouds.

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He went to the back of the building.

Do you expect me to believe you?

I don't like this kind of music.

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Slaves make a life for themselves.