I asked her for some advice.

I asked the boy to throw the ball back.


Kate may well complain of her husband.

Please don't let this happen again.

Having 25 letters, "anticonstitutionnellement" is the longest word in the French language.

How's it coming?

I'd just like to be able to save a little money.

I'll try to be quick.

Do you not know who I am?

Men who were bereft of reason conducted the war.

Lester is younger than he looks.

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Dr. Mae Jemison became the first African-American woman to enter space.

She lives in a gated community.

There's another possibility.


There is no problem.

She could have done it, but she didn't.

You're honest.

Maybe it's great.

Dan will never leave you alone.

The situation seemed hopeless.

If you throw your jeans in the washing machine, I'll wash them for you.

I like to travel and meet new people.

He's still fibrillating.


I didn't ask Christofer to go there.

Kiki didn't hit Sundaresan.

Those things really happened.

Graeme relapsed on heroin.

I've a lot of sleep to catch up on this week.

It has rained in the forest.

We have to somehow come through this troublesome situation.

You're not in a hurry, are you?

Rolfe pushed open the door.


We adore going on picnics.

Chuck was Leith's alleged accomplice.

Judging from his accent, he must be from Kyushu.

You've got to give me more time.

That's not why Boyd resigned.


Go to work, everyone.

Dozens of people encouraged me to fulfill my ambitions.

We need an expert in green technology.

Well, aren't you going to kiss Reiner goodbye?

Everyone believed Stanly.

It's always a pleasure to see you.

Gregge checks his email before he eats breakfast.

I just told Granville.

Nicholas said that he didn't want to hear any more.

I feel awful.

He thought about growing a beard, but gave up the idea of growing one.

How long does it take for you to read this book?

I was bored because I had seen the movie before.

I owe her 100,000 yen.

Are you still planning on going back to Boston tonight?

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What time is the plane scheduled to land?


I was given a scare by a doctor I interviewed for the TV program who warned me not to rest easy just because I had no allergic symptoms at the moment.


I'd like to go skiing.


Never call someone a terrorist.


I blame Clark for what happened to all of us.


She seldom, if ever, goes out after dark.

Maybe what you said about Edgar is right.

What on earth got into you?

She married him the following year.

Advertising local products might require the use of local words.

A dolphin is a mammal.

I wish I had the will power to stay on a diet.

It's the only thing I can do.

We're moving to Boston in a year.


Her house is surrounded by a white fence.

These people speak Esperanto effortlessly, don't they?

I made her my secretary.


You've got my keys.


Too much smoking tends to injure the voice.

Religion is the metaphysics of the common people.

How crazy is Ramneek?

I just met him.

You bought a macaw.

I've tried to get along with Sho, but it's impossible.

There is food enough for us.

This custom has become firmly established among the Japanese.

Penny and I have been good friends since we were kids.


How do you like my house?


You're a really good kisser.

Your patience irritates me.

We should all stick together.


I thought we agreed to consult each other before we made any major decisions.

Rudolph wants to be the center of attention.

I can't remember his name.

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Something is missing.

Give me a couple minutes to get dressed.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Don't you read a newspaper?

I already spoke to him.

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We took it for granted that he would approve of the plan.

She's going to have a baby, Daren.

I got it mail order from Boston.


She caught him smoking a cigarette.

Please stop beating around the bush and come straight to the point.

They held off choosing Mike as captain.


We don't really know him.

She leaped for joy.

Do you have a problem with her?

Rich people aren't always happy.

The author has a beautiful style.

David pulled Morgan out of the burning car.

Black paper absorbs light.

Rabin suddenly realised that what he was doing was very dangerous.

That is not an island.

I don't think that's what I need.

Rogue's girlfriend threw him out.

The speaker believes that cosmetic industries mislead women with impossible claims.

I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.


Jeannie is just beginning to catch on.


Dan assaulted Linda.


So, what do you think?

The Okinawans came to be forced to live alongside life-threatening danger.

Sean doesn't stand a chance of winning.

That's the book he'll read.

We live and learn.


Studying when you're sleepy is a waste of time.


You're stronger today.


The woman that I hope to marry turned out to be a man!


I have tried everything but failed again.

She fell in a heap to the floor.

Why was it that she got angry?

The bus driver warned the pupils not to stick their heads out the window.

Carl faces a dilemma.

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There isn't room for everyone.

Capricious as April.

I thought Bea would want it back.

This subject is taboo.

We have to talk.

My uncle said that he jogs every morning.

Sharan saw the party as a good networking opportunity.

Poverty and crime will never be eradicated completely.

I could hear Roy playing the piano.

He is as honest a lad as any.

Can plants feel pain?


If they could eat every night in a restaurant, they would. They hate cooking.

Where do all of you live?

The train is ten minutes late today.

Do you eat seaweed in your country?

We're contented.


I know what I believe.

Barry hasn't told me anything.

We'd like to have some wine.

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Roxane crashed his brand-new Lexus.

These bank employees seem so politely insolent lately. I wonder what's behind it.

The bad weather prevented me from going fishing.

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It's better.

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They don't know the rules.

You can only see what you like the most.

It's important to us.

Omigod! I didn't know that!

Sharon shot at Stephan, but he missed.

I have exactly what you need.

I go by that church every day.

You haven't got the balls to translate this sentence.

Mickey looked at Trying and then winked at her.

I'm just a boy who makes mistakes.

I basically prefer being by myself.

Stanislaw knew where Claudia wanted to eat.

Have you talked to her recently?


She is pigeon-toed.

I heard you talking to her.

Spy works very hard, but not as hard as Suu.