Do you know the people who live here?

I've always had complete confidence in your judgment.

Brandi laid flowers at Ravi's grave.

Valentin will finish the job by 2:30.

I run five miles a day.

Wear what clothes you please.

My daughter's your age.

They sailed around the world.

He asked the lady standing next to him some questions.


Casper and Stanley are at each other's' throats.


It's a yes or no question.

I know Syd's house is for sale.

Those couldn't understand why Jan was so angry.

I've had a very busy morning.

It's just a flesh wound.


Her father's name's Carlos Antonio. Her boyfriend's Carlos Miguel.


He has this large room to himself.


The chill of coming winter discouraged our picnic.

No go?

They stood idle, instead of putting their shoulder to the wheel.

We must've blown a fuse.

Did you see any pigeons?


We sang until our lungs hurt.

Aren't you even going to ask me where I was?

Audrey wore a vest.

Adoptions have gone up 600% since the epidemic of vagina dentata began.

What time do you go to work in the morning?

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My anti-virus let a virus through.

Tell me what else I need to do.

What happened tonight?

I hope you're not too uncomfortable.

I am not a good swimmer.

As far as I know, he is a reliable man.

Saturday is the day when he is free.

Do you know what you just allowed to happen?

The postmortem showed that she had been strangled.

This gentleman asks interesting questions.

Murthy turned 13.

Real change for most black people, however, was very slow in coming.

The digression is escalating more and more.

His mother is Yugoslavian.

Mohammad volunteered to be the designated driver.


You're cuter than your sister.

What does Pamela have?

Do you think you should do that without permission?

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She ordered a cup of tea.

That bicycle is too small for you.

What language do they speak in Switzerland?

Reinhard is a bowler.

Are you embarrassed?

That company is on the rocks because of bad debts.

We can pay 100 dollars at most.

I am hungry because I did not have breakfast.

You just listen.


All of the students have to wear the same uniform.

Frederic is used to getting what he wants.

I can understand why you might not want to go.

Roy lost his drone.

I am vehemently opposed to political correctness.


Clare has a big closet in his room.

I thought I told you to stay away from my computer.

Everyone hurried outside.


You can spell it with or without a hyphen.

Thomas, make some effort!

I am sick of his long speech.

Toft is a poor loser.

You can't just leave me all alone.

Do you want Curt?

She took the risk, knowing that she might lose a lot of money.

Brodie wanted Suzanne to get well.

I don't want to sign that.


Don't throw away your chance.

He likes playing football.

Tell me what to do.


He came out on top.


Nicolette went to sleep.


Jinchao said that he wasn't ready to get married.

Tell me about Germany.

Are you dating him?


I see what you did there.


I'd like you to stay with me for a while.

He is acting like Nelson tonight.

I saw him pat her on the shoulder.

The two people were shaking hands heartily as if they had not seen each other for years.

They were mostly women.


That's a great picture.

Do you know who the mayor of Boston is?

Are there reserved seats on the train?


He was asked to account for his failure.

The trail got steeper.

Kenneth hit the gas.

Make everyone feel at ease.

It's almost time for us to go.

I remember having heard a similar sound in my dreams.

Let's light some candles.

I am more handsome than you.

I want to know where she went.

How many games do you have in your collection?

Dion can't speak much French.

It's possible that she won't come.

I've never heard you talk like that.

Could you help arrange that?

He was perplexed at the unexpected result.

Clark didn't pay any attention to the warning.

I reply that I also thought that it was a very important subject.

What I remember most about that movie is the last scene.

He had few teeth.


Everyone is waiting for Kathryn to say something.

A few minutes of Stephen Fry will make any American apologize for his rhoticity.

I do not want to see their perverted smirks.


Jwahar saved a seat for me.

The rent for the apartment is due tomorrow.

I bet you'll be a great father.

He hid his grief behind a smile.

Mikey and Saify didn't invite me to their wedding.


They've caught her.

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A factory is not suitable for a residential district.

Can you see that?

He died from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Traffic noise is very harsh to the ear.

We have to learn all the songs before the end of the week.

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I stayed at a hotel on a hill in that town.

I'm not setting them any traps.

I am adding examples to Tatoeba.


Nobody cares about you.

Viking Lander 1 was the first U.S. spacecraft to successfully touch down on any planet other than Earth.

His new owner took him to a high cliff overlooking the sea, put a stone around his neck, tied a rope to one of his hind feet, gave him a push, and threw him into the water.

The method is wicked.

Phillip said he's been here before.

He wants to study music and dance.

Workers are taking a financial beating in the employment crisis.

Won't that be fun?

I've got to go meet him.

I couldn't figure out what Olivier was going to do.

My grades at school have gone up.

Are you sure you don't want to come with me to get a cup of coffee?

You don't need to be in such a hurry.

The roof was blown off by the explosion.

I'll give you all the money you need.


My native language is Spanish.

Do my words trouble you? If so, that is enough for today.

Speaking medically, I advise you to lose weight.

In this apartment lives a wicked spirit.

Dan overheard Linda's conversation with her lover.

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We haven't decided where to take a rest.

I have no desire to go there.

Kaishuu made nothing of hardship.

How did Terrance get it?

You're getting careless.

I need a word with you.

Is this your locker?

I can't wait to get started.

Are you sure you don't want to go swimming with us?

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I need you to believe in me.

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If you mention New Year in China, the image that many people will think of is a family gathered around wrapping dumplings together.

The monkey rode on the colt.

Do you know them?


Peggy has been doing well at school.

Please check on when he will return.

This watch is ten minutes fast.

I read all kinds of books.

You guys are wrong.

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She comes from the South, as I knew from her accent.

I live too far away.

Put it out of your mind, Sridharan.

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Can I borrow something to write with?