I'm not provoking their daughters.

I'm interested in the history of Australia.

Why would that bother them?

What I want now is something to eat.

Melinda's hooked on cigarettes.

I'm so blessed!


He left the box unprotected.

Do you know me?

It is next to impossible to make him stop smoking.

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Don't you trust Cynthia?

When he doesn't get what he wants, he pouts.

Jasmine and lavender are my favorite scents.


I wish I could speak English half as well as he can.

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Stuart may have been there. I don't know.


The Second World War began in 1939.

Steven didn't attempt to reply.

She must be dead.

I am blessed with good health.

There are many beautiful castles in northern Germany.


At first, I was puzzled.

I have a job.

You're probably right.

Ken has a white dog.

Hunger is one of the strongest griefs.

I ran away.

Matti is sitting at the desk.

A truck knocked over a light pole and a traffic light.

Everyone turned to look at her.

Denying she was an anarchist, Katja maintained she wished only to make changes in our government, not to destroy it.

Philip is standing in the corner.

I'll win no matter what it takes.

I can understand why you don't want to eat there.

Frederick asked me for my number.

That man is Pablo.

Heinrich wants to know if you have heard from Marie.

As said by Dag, I wrote, "It was the most delicious." on the guest-book of the restaurant yesterday.


What are those noises?

The question is easy. It's the answer that's hard.

Tennis is difficult. I never know which way the ball is going to fly.

Look at me and do what I do.

The thief knocked down the jewelry store's door and looted it.

Jan was on the floor.

I'm not the only one who got here early.

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Canned food doesn't interest her.

This is extremely hard for her.

Mahesh can do a handstand.

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Tell that person where my house is.

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I live pretty close to them.

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She died after she had been ill for a long time.

I'll see you at the restaurant.

I would have failed without his help.


He had no clothes other than what he was wearing.


This building is blue.


Don't pass out on me.

She took off her clothes.

This isn't completely wrong.

I think we should go.

This product is both a floor polish and a dessert topping.


Why don't you stay with me for a few days?

Don't wait too long.

Are you content?

"There are others capable of helping you. You don't need me specifically." "Sure I do!"

Imperialism is an ideology and practice of powerful groups trying to secure or expand their privileges via dominating other groups.

It's impossible to anticipate every possible situation.

How are you doing, miss?

We returned the money.

Let's stick with the plan.

Mitchell had a whole world to discover.

Stop repeating yourself.

Wayne is very possessive.

Sorry. It's all my fault.


Are you sure of your facts?


Would you like to stay here?

I'm so bored.

That was you, wasn't it?

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"Did you work yesterday?" "I wish yesterday had been a holiday."

I was sure we could trust Jeffie.

Kyung doesn't write to me anymore.

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Would you lend me the latest issue of the magazine?

He is not dumb.

Do you think that was easy for me?

How dare you say such things about Uri?

I want snow.


I think Dominick can help us do that.


If you want to lose weight, then the best thing to do is to eat properly and get a lot of exercise.


He fled his country.

I don't know how to fix this.

John covers the Kanto area and Taro covers the Kansai area.

Are we all happy now?

I filled in my name on the paper.


It's because you're a guy.

My shift's almost over.

I don't believe in religion.

Eduardo usually goes to sleep at about eleven.

Elwood seems to have finished his work.


When you were two years old, you could already count to ten.

Nathan has a silk scarf.

There was an earthquake yesterday.

That's what I'm hoping.

Don't waste money on clothes, Julie. Save money!


Shatter says I'm a good listener.


Del is big.

I have no fever.

Do I have to undress?

I hate that idea.

I just opened the lid, and a foul smell filled my nose.

He worked hard in order that his family might live in comfort.

He's not a man to waste time.

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Please show consideration for other passengers.


Varda doesn't play with his toys anymore.

I'm sure you'll all have a good time.

The chest contained gold coins.

She tripped on the stone.

Hillel knows he's right.

Is Hartmann the one who took you there?

This ship is bound for Vancouver.

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I want to thank Ravindranath for paying my bills.


I think it's time for me to buy a new camera.

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Justin and Dominick are bickering with each other.

My mom bought this shirt for me.

Her body is perfect.

I'll explain.

You shouldn't have bought that.

Right now, we need to deal with this.

She's been sick since last Wednesday.

Please don't forget to mail this letter.

The teacher pushed him for an answer.


I've never asked you for a favor.

There were two cakes.

I cannot concentrate at all.

I know that was a mistake.

She asked me to dance.

Exposition to radiation gives susceptibility to suffer mutations.

She worships him and the ground he walks on.

I shrunk my T-shirt. What should I do?

Seenu is remembering the names of his friends.

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I plan to do it soon.


And by force you would never take him.

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Roman doesn't want to hear anything Randall has to say.


Do you have today's paper?

How many cats do you have?

Can I have your full name?


The soldier really could not refrain from kissing her.

Libor is the London Interbank Offered Rate.

I don't have a lot of time for this.


Who did Caroline fight?

Tell them to help me.

Who would have thought that she could be so thin and small?

It's not that long a flight.

Eileen has just told me that he found a new job.

The morning was clear.

Rayan tried to make both ends meet.

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Barry won't be staying with us next weekend.

He failed, due to lack of money.

Someone smashed the windshield of my new car.

Do you like strawberries?

Upon receiving your Certificate of Eligiblity, please come to the Japanese Embassy in London.


Noemi said he was taking Darci to the prom.


You can trust all of us.